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Three Cardinal Sins of Clinical Workflow and Health IT Integration

January 24

Article Excerpt

Effective workflow in healthcare systems have been found to reduce cost, be beneficial in waste reduction, increase patient safety, and improve quality. Find out how to…

Matthew Loxton

Matthew Loxton
Senior Analyst

Mr. Loxton is a certified knowledge management practitioner with extensive international experience in putting knowledge to work in achieving organizational goals. He has served in senior, global KM roles in the US and Australia, and holds a master’s degree in knowledge management from the University of Canberra. Matthew is a peer reviewer for the international journal of Knowledge Management Research & Practice, and has written numerous KM articles for various publications on customer service, analytics, and knowledge management. Matthew’s pro bono roles have included KM and IT governance support for the Queensland Emergency Medicine Research Foundation (QEMRF) and the St. Andrew’s Medical Research Institute (SAMI). Matthew currently works at Whitney, Bradley, & Brown as a senior analyst for knowledge management in healthcare, contracting to the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), and he regularly blogs on knowledge management and organizational learning – see http://mloxton.wordpress.com. Matthew can also be followed on Twitter: @mloxton.


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