Operations Analysis Training - One Day

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Operations Analysis Training - One Day (8 hours)

This course provides a working-level knowledge of commonly used analytical processes and addresses the types of issues the prospective users can expect. It can be tailored to appropriate levels of the organization – from an overall OA conceptual view to detailed OA skills/applications tutorials. To support the instruction, it integrates common desktop applications, including commonly used Microsoft Office products to demonstrate their use in a wide range of analytical applications.

The following modules may be offered individually or combined – from two to all modules – with examples tailored to match the customer’s needs and adaptable to the customer schedule: Modules include Introduction to Analysis, Probability Theory, Basic Statistical Methods, Basic Analytical Tools, Applied Analytical Tools, Practical Methods and Statistical Methods II.

• Core 
– Introduction to Operations Analysis, Basic Probability, Basic Statistics and Statistical Applications 
• Analytical Tools 
– Optimization, Stochastic Processes and Reliability Modeling 
• Practical Methods 
– Cost Analysis, Decision Analysis and Manpower Analysis 
• Applied Analytical Tools 
– Modeling & Simulation, Wargaming 

Course materials provided by WBB.
Course Length:  1 day
Participation Minimum/Maximum: 15/30
Course Price:  Starting at $16,000



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