Technical and Systems Engineering Support Training Courses

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WBB has developed the following training courses in support Navy Systems Command engineering and support personnel.  The courses are adaptable to a variety of customer training applications.

Information Support Plans (ISP)

The ISP course assists program management and technical support personnel in gaining an understanding of the ISP, the Net Ready Key Performance Parameter (NR-KPP) and the associated DoDAF Solution Architecture such that they will be able to lead the development effort, guide and perform the supportability analysis, and develop mitigation plans for resulting interoperability supportability issues. 

Systems Engineering Plan (SEP)

The SEP course provides an understanding of the SEP, its key TENETS and its components.   It stresses the successful implementation of proven disciplined System Engineering processes.  

Risk Management (RM)

The Risk Management course focuses on the RM process, concepts, terminology and how RM contributes to program success.  Students will learn how to tailor a risk management process for their program office or project, develop a program or project Risk Management Plan (RMP) and identify risks, determine risk consequence/likelihood, develop mitigation plans and develop and implement risk controls.

Program Protection Planning (PPP)

The Program Protection Plan training course provides an understanding of the PPP requirements for acquisition programs and formulates the background for the participants to be an informed reviewer of a PPP.

Test &  Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP)

The Test & Evaluation training course is designed to provide an understanding of Test & Evaluation and the importance of the T&E Master Plan (TEMP).

Systems Design Specifications (SDS)

The System Design Specification (SDS) training course assists the student in understanding the SDS and its various components. It provides insight into costs, schedules,  risks and addresses requirements, design criteria, operability, maintainability and supportability. In addition, it identifies technical challenges/risks, and how the SDS can help reduce schedule delays and cost over-runs.




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