WBB (formerly NetStar-1 Government Consulting) has been awarded a DHS EAGLE II prime contract under the FC2 Unrestricted Track to provide IT Program Services across DHS. We provide quality service to DHS, DOD and other federal agencies in areas of full systems engineering life cycle, strategic IT planning and policy, CPIC and investment management support, information analytics, agile transformation, enterprise workforce planning, IT transformation, financial management, enterprise architecture and information security.

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WBB’s goal is to help our clients accomplish their mission by providing best in class services. Our proven track record, unique products, innovative solutions, and customer-focused methodologies deliver the desired outcomes our clients seek. Our personnel bring their passion for quality and subject matter expertise to deliver value-added products to help our clients optimize performance.

Since DHS inception, WBB has managed over 25 large-scale DHS programs, applying proven end-to-end methodologies that seamlessly integrate acquisition, financial management, and program management and control. WBB combines rigorous analytical capabilities with extensive governance and process improvement expertise to support the full range systems engineering life-cycle activities. Our support has been instrumental to help development projects evolve and transform to an iterative technical release model. This approach is based on collaborative planning, user involvement, and integrated functional communications. We are committed to quality, continual improvement, and providing our customers with superior services and solutions that exceed expectations.

WBB’s successful performance across DHS components such as CBP, ICE, USCG, USCIS, NPPD, TSA, DHS S&T and others make us a trusted, cost-effective, results-oriented and long-term partner of choice for DHS EAGLE II to achieve its mission objectives.

NetStar-1 Government Consulting (now WBB) is one of the 11 awardees for DHS EAGLE II under Functional Category 2. The DHS EAGLE II FC2 contract award to NetStar-1 is being novated to WBB. For more information about the WBB & NetStar-1 merger, please click here.




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