Sustainment Planning

WBB’s consultants use Sustainment Planning to identify, evaluate, and develop processes, systems, and policies to translate your needs into solutions that last longer and require less support, thus reducing your overall cost while increasing a project’s value.

  • Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) GSA Schedule #874

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  • Professional Engineering Services GSA Schedule: #871

    WBB GS-10F-0050Y   |  expiration: 9 November 2016  |   show details

  • GSA IT Schedule 70

    WBB PRIME CONTRACT #GS-35F-0010R   |   show details

  • SeaPort-e

    WBB N00178-05-D-4660   |   show details

  • WBB Joint Venture with Protégé: WIJET LLC

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  • GSA Financial and Business Solutions 520 (FABS)

    WBB Prime GS-23F-0010T   |  expiration: 20 December 2016  |   show details

  • DHS Blanket Federal Protective Service Acquisition Division Purchase Agreement

    WBB Prime HSHQEH-11-A-0009   |  expiration: 15 September 2016  |   show details

  • U.S. Office of Personnel Management Blanket Purchase Agreement

    WBB Prime OPM32-12-A-0015   |  expiration: 6 December 2016  |   show details

  • Transportation Security Administration Blanket Purchase Agreement

    WBB Prime HSTWS01-09-A-ACQ910   |   show details

  • Public Heath Solutions

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    WBB N00421-10-A-0007   |  expiration: 7 March 2015  |   show details

  • VHA Blanket Purchase Agreement

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  • AMCOM Express

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How do you determine sustainment plans for your products and missions? What programs do you have to continually measure and reassess in terms of performance, schedule, sustainment, and cost outcomes? A valuable solution is one that keeps solving the problems and the challenges your organization faces.

WBB experts are committed to an unbiased look at alternatives. We measure program costs by developing comprehensive assessments, including a financial modeling plan that identifies techniques to capture information, assess alternatives, draw comparisons, make decisions, and subsequently measure and track project costs. Our experts help you to refine the specific requirements that meet your objectives, considering public and private partnerships, component breakouts, and time-phased transition to fufill your organizations needs. WBB provides proven experience coupled with processes and tools tailored to sustainment planning, which means that we simply do not need the same learning curve as other teams.

WBB’s approach to Sustainment Planning builds upon a phased approach to aquisition that includes: Analysis of Alternatives; Concept of Operations; Life Cycle Cost Estimate; Technology Development Strategy; Technical Data Rights Strategy; reliability and maintenance aspects in the System Engineering Plan; and Sustainment metrics in the Capability Development Document. By providing comprehensive analysis of a program’s cost weighted against its total value, we have helped DOD, DHS, and other Departments develop strategic insight that can be used to balance your programs’ missions with fiscal, political, and operational realities based on a foundation of solid information.

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