Discovery Informatics

Proper analysis of your organization’s output, resources, and performance is critical when managing an efficient agency or business unit. Discovery Informatics, WBB’s suite of decision support and business discovery solutions, enables organizations to transform a sea of data into actionable intelligence.

Discovery Informatics (DI) uses a Lean start up approach to implement an evidence-based decision making process that enables your organization to rapidly achieve a cross functional advanced analytic capability. WBB works closely with our clients to align the data collection to the strategic value drivers (make big data small) and collect the best available evidence, then using this evidence to extract valuable knowledge and sharing analytics in a way that allows all users to act on those insights.

Decision makers need access to the wealth of data beyond their own data silos to enable them to:

1. Gain New Insights. Insight means connecting and integrating data across federated data sources. Effective project execution is the result of timely and effective decision making and resource allocation. Doing this requires knowledge. If the data to generate the knowledge exists within the organization, but is not properly processed or readily available to the decision makers and analysts, then the data is not effectively contributing to improved execution.

2. Turn Those Insights Into Effective Decision Making. The challenge for decision makers is to maintain performance with fewer resources, while continuing to deliver on mission goals and objectives. This requires innovative ways to allow analysts to work smarter using leading technology to provide near real-time analysis.

3. Have The Ability To Make Evidence-based Decisions Quickly. Agencies and offices are overwhelmed with financial, human resources, schedule, and performance data. Spreadsheet analysis and decision models are not scalable, they are time-consuming to update, and require significant skill to analyze. Analysts spend more time overcoming the data than actually asking and answering questions about it. Furthermore, the requirement for manual input and integration leads to errors that can result in devastating consequences to the project. Analysts and managers need rapid access to quality information to make timely and informed decisions based on accurate and integrated data, as opposed to spending an inordinate amount of time trying to simply uncover the data.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about Discovery Informatics: "Spend your Time Executing your Program Instead of Managing the Data"



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