Army, O.S.D., Joint

Army leaders are often tasked with managing a wide range of projects and requirements. This condition is especially challenging in today’s environment, where adapting an Army at war with an increasingly constrained budget. Fortunately, you don’t have to take on all of these challenges alone because WBB stands ready to serve.

Working in close partnership with your organization, WBB comes armed with tools that make your work and decisions easier. These tools include electronic brainstorming, prioritization programs, operations analysis, concepts of operations and a team of true subject matter experts in both operational and institutional support functions.

With WBB on your side, you can take on the Army’s toughest challenges:

  • Develop defendable requirements and succeed within the  JCIDS and JROC processes
  • Develop effective acquisition strategies
  • Develop warfighting concepts appropriate to emerging challenges in synch with “The U.S. Army Operating Concept”
  • Improve surface transportation and defense logistics to meet wartime challenges
  • Employ concepts of operations that provide the context for analytical decision-making

With our breadth of experience across the company, we have immediate support in areas. The end result, strategy-based solutions, delivered in an approved product that is ready for application.

WBB has supported a wide range of Army organizations with expertise in DoD processes, requirements, acquisition, program management, intelligence, technical analysis, DoD architectures and systems engineering disciplines. Among those organizations are the Army Staff, Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Army Materiel Command, Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF), Program Executive Office (PEO) Aviation, PEO Missiles and Space, PEO Ammunition, Rapid Equipping Force, Army Armaments Research Development and Engineering Center, Army Aviation Center of Excellence, the Medical Evacuation Proponency and MEDEVAC Product Director, Army Training Centers, the Joint IED Defeat Organization and Ops/Intel Center and deployed Army Operational Headquarters.

Representative products and efforts include:

  • TRADOC ARCIC Operational Energy ICD
  • TRADOC G-2 ISR Training
  • Army Operational Energy Campaign Plan
  • Future Vertical Lift Initiative (OSD AT&L)
    • Capabilities Based Assessment
    • Science and Technology Plan
    • Strategic Plan
    • Rotorcraft Survivability Study
  • PM Cargo Helo Program Management Support
  • “How Washington Works Training” for many industry representatives and active duty leaders
  • Design/Field/Support Aviation Mission Planning System and Centralized Aviation Flight Records System (CAFRS)
  • PM Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) support (Army/Navy)
    • Program Assessment (Quicklook)
    • Type 1 BCA for MS B
  • Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) (USMC/Army)
    • CONOPS
    • JCIDS Documents
  • Joint Ground Robotics Cost Benefit Analysis
  • MEDEVAC Mission System Capabilities Based Assessment



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