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Are You Playing Inside or Outside the Box?

November 7

Managers say, "I want out-of-the-box ideas!" but they seldom mean it. When you show up with new ideas and new perspectives, managers can get threatened…

You cannot Push a Rope

November 5

There are many views on leadership and management and ways to ensure team success but there is one picture that has helped develop a model…

Patient Self-Management

October 3

Higher patient activation rates result in lower rates of healthcare utilization. WBB Take: Patient Activation Measures (PAM) are a key component in improving patient care…

Certification vs. Education

August 23

Throughout professional circles there has been an ongoing discussion regarding the best way to round out a resume. Is it better to pursue a master’s…

Care Transitions

August 17

Sun Health Care Transitions (SHCT) launched a transitional care program that reduced readmission rates by 57% among patients 65 or older. The program yielded an…

Antibiotic Shortage Crisis

June 11

Manufacturing shortages of some antibiotics are fostering instances of antimicrobial resistance in patients who receive less-effective medicines to treat their conditions. WBB Take: Several manufacturing…

Three Tips for Improving Patient Satisfaction

May 22

To provide a positive patient experience and boost patient satisfaction scores physicians can focus on clear communication, the patient’s perception of time spent during an…

Successfully Implementing Safety Rounds

May 2

Implementation of senior executive Safety Rounds contributes to improved patient safety culture, higher employee engagement, and lower burnout in healthcare organizations. WBB Take:  In today’s…

Involving Patients in Quality Improvement

April 2

Study undertaken in 33 wards across three English NHS Trusts between May 2013 and September 2014 suggests that patients can provide insight into quality and…

Training Clinicians in Quality Improvement

March 22

A firm understanding of the fundamentals of Quality Improvement (QI) is necessary for physicians to play a role in strengthening the healthcare system, but medical…

“Creating Efficiency in the Patient Journey”

February 26

The shift to value-based care prioritizes patient outcomes measures and emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness as measured by dimension of the patient experience. However, few healthcare…

Mixed Methods Research for Quality Improvement

February 20

Research data in healthcare operations is often less structured and clean than desirable, and access to healthcare workers for surveys, focus groups, and interviews is…

The Global Problem of Low-Value Care

January 23

Several studies of low-value care show the problem to be widespread and frequent. The rate of low value care occurs at rates of 5-8% of…

The Antibiotic “Apocalypse”

October 9

Global burden of illness related to antibiotic resistance has reached 700,000 deaths per year, and is likely to reach 10 million per year by 2050…

A Tribute to Our Brave Veterans

November 11

To commemorate the selfless patriotism and remarkable legacy of America’s veterans, our Nation pauses in remembrance each November 11th.  Throughout our history, over 50 million…

U.S. Healthcare Spending Reaches Historic High of $10,345 per Person

July 19

An HHS report projected healthcare spending will increase by an average 5.8% between 2015 and 2025, which exceeds the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate. The 2016 update to U.S. per capita health costs of $10,345 reflects a sharp increase over the 2015 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Health Statistics report, in which the U.S. had an estimated per capita health cost of $8,713.

HIMSS 2016 Speaking Engagement

March 8

Our WBB Healthcare team had a great time at HIMSS 2016 conference in Las Vegas. Congratulations to Satish Gattadahalli who spoke at the PM SIG…

Joint Concept for Entry Operations

May 5

Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense requires the Joint Force to successfully project power despite anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) challenges. Guided by the…

Time to be Prepared for Foreign Travels

April 6

A trip requires careful planning.  Listed below are important steps you can take to prepare for a safe trip anywhere outside the United States. In…

Congratulations to Our IRONMAN

June 10

Senior Operations Research Analyst, Rafael Matos, overcame one of the toughest physical challenges in the athletic field. Rafael ran the Eagleman Ironman 70.3 in 6…

Better Care Planning Using Apps

May 29

From the patient side, the clinical setting is mostly a foreign and somewhat scary terrain, and maximizing the value of visiting a doctor faces serious…



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