Application Development

At WBB, we believe in the transformative power of information. To this end, our experts develop applications tailored to support your organization’s decision makers, helping them to better understand any situation and the ramifications of each decision.

All too often organizations are overwhelmed with the quantity of data they receive, leading to institutional overload and the potential for hasty decisions based on incomplete, or misunderstood information.

WBB helps your organization to identify, collect, and validate multiple critical data sets; filter data against organization established measures and metrics; and integrate the resultant knowledge into an automated, interactive dashboard. WBB developers create applications tailored specifically to empower your organization’s decision makers, helping them to better understand each situation to the second and third order effects of potential decisions. This real-time, interactive discovery streamlines the decision process by ensuring the quality and accuracy of data, limiting presentations to critical information, and supporting a true understanding of actions and decisions across the organization.

A perfect example of an application developed by WBB is our Resource Planning and Management (RPM) capability. To execute an organizational assessment, WBB employs a repeatable, yet configurable four-phase methodology to rapidly gather, structure, assess, analyze, and disseminate organizational data:

Phase 1 - Frame: WBB quickly establishes a thorough understanding of an organization leading up to formal online data collection. WBB captures and organizes this information through a review of key documents, interviews with key leaders and subject matter experts (SMEs), and a facilitated working session.

Phase 2 - Assess: WBB collects work, resource, and resource contribution data from organizational Human Resource representatives, SMEs, and Approvers (Supervisors/ Managers). The candid assessment is conducted through the R-DSS simplified data collection interface that includes well-defined steps, online help, data validation, and instant user feedback.

Phase 3 - Analyze: The analysis phase helps organizations transform and model the data to generate descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive, and predictive information to suggest conclusions and support decision-making. These capabilities are designed to empower executives and managers to analyze, compare, and highlight gaps in capacity and performance in addition to supporting the identification of opportunities and risks to the organization.

Phase 4 - Govern: A successful study and implementation combines rigorous data and analytics with well-defined decision process workflows enabling leaders to efficiently and effectively align resources resulting in increased organizational performance. Practicing disciplined governance supported by consistent decision criteria and valid data gives leaders confidence that they are making good decisions based on quality information.

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