Business Case Analysis

WBB’s Business Case Analysis helps our clients understand where to effectively apply limited resources and evaluate their fiscal choices with eyes open to possibilities and potential traps, resulting in efficient execution of their organizational objectives.

The harsh economic climate of the last several years has forced businesses and government organizations to realize a need to manage fiscal resources more closely and efficiently. WBB business analysts understand your challenges and the questions you need answered:

  • How well do your fiscal processes work?
  • What’s your best-value solution to a tough resourcing issue?
  • How much will an investment cost you, and what return will you achieve on it?

Our approach is simple. WBB provides flexible, responsive, rigorously analyzed, and inventive solutions adjusted to indepth, collaborative input from appropriate stakeholders. We provide an adaptible business model tailored to your specific program challenges, whether that means persistent support focused on meeting day-to-day challenges, episodic support focused on resolving the most challenging issues, conducting rigorous and defensible analysis of acquisition decisions, or any combination that suits your needs.

To meet your specific challenges head on, WBB employs highly accomplished career professionals, including program managers, test managers, logisticians, financial managers, and systems engineers. Many hold multiple certifications such as: Program Management Professional or Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act of 1990 (DAWIA) Level III. Our personnel are educated, certified, and experienced, having served as Program Directors for Acquisition Category (ACAT) ID, IC, II, and III programs, as well as in key PEO, Service, Federal Agency and OSD staff acquisition positions.

WBB’s acquisition management support is solidly grounded in the fundamentals of cost, schedule, and performance. As part of our customer support, we have developed every type of program document, analysis, and briefing required by governance, acquisition, budgeting, and requirements processes. We have the experience and involvement at all levels of the acquisition and requirements chains of command. We know who to talk to, how coordination processes work, and we can efficiently help your program managers successfully navigate the acquisition life cycle.

We use a varied toolbox to offer analytical approaches that can address most organizations’ fiscal challenges and the need to prioritize resources for the future. Combinations of the tools and resources are used:

  • Business case analyses (BCAs).
  • Cost-benefit or economic analyses.
  • Cost estimators help achieve program milestones.
  • Market assessments.
  • Range resource utilization tools.

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