Business Discovery

WBB Decision Management experts specialize in helping organizations automate, optimize, and govern repeatable business decisions using an evidence-based approach to decision management, business rules, and advanced analytic technologies, improving your real-time decision yield and transforming raw data into useful, actionable information.

In an environment defined by limited resources and high expectations, decision-makers in every organization need to make the most of each choice. Mangers in your organization need access to the wealth of data below the waterline to quickly gain new insights and turn those insights into effective decision-making. WBB has leveraged 30+ years of acquisition program management, business analysis, data analytics, modeling and simulation, and decision management expertise into a product that meets your Business Discovery challenges head on.

Discovery Informatics, WBB’s business discovery solution, enables organizations to transform a sea of data into actionable intelligence. When integrated with WBB’s indepth customer knowledge, subject matter expertise, and robust analysis capability, Discovery Informatics allows organizations to access data and report, trend, analyze, and, most importantly, make decisions based on visual, tangible evidence.

Discovery Informatics uses a Lean start up approach to implement an evidence-based decision making process that enables your organization to rapidly achieve crossfunctional advanced analytic capability. WBB works closely with you to align the data collection to the strategic value drivers in your organization. Our Decision Management experts collect the best available evidence, allowing you to extract valuable knowledge and share analytics in a way that allows all users to act on those insights. With WBB’s Discovery Informatics, you can be sure that each of your decisions will be based on data that supports your program’s mission.

Recently, WBB assisted a Defense activity in gaining visibility, for the first time in 31 years, of a $36M global program and did so in 6 months. Working closely with the customer to implement a Discovery Informatics solution, WBB integrated thousands of financial, performance, and facility inputs into one visualization model. This visual dashboard was used to brief leadership and stakeholders, resulting in an interactive customer experience, real-time discovery, and informed decision making.

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