Market Assessment

WBB’s Market Assessment approach enables your organization’s stakeholders and decision-makers to confidently allocate limited resources to the products and opportunities that will provide the best return on your investment.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for both commercial and government organizations to accurately determine the conditions of an increasingly crowded market place. Managers and stakeholders are pressured now more than ever to use dwindling resources to capitalize a growing set of opportunities that each seem critical to commercial viability or mission success.

WBB’s market assessment experts simplify the process by using their experience to provide discovery, prioritization, and analysis of a product or market. This allows our clients to assess opportunities and commit corporate resources using a reasoned and prudent approach to pursuing revenue and ensuring a return on their investment.

WBB uses an objective Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to deconstruct complex markets into manageable segments and then weigh the analysis criteria. The approach allows our clients to see an objective path forward with verifiable, traceable, and prioritized results. These metrics are represented in an easy to read chart that displays market attractiveness against the competitive position of your organization providing managers and stakeholders with evidence for each and every investment decision.

WBB helps clients gain insight into the market by answering:

  • Is there a real market opportunity for you?
  • What is the potential revenue?
  • Does it fit your current or projected product line or will you need to expand your core capabilities/assets?
  • Can you win?
  • Can you describe the competition and their placement?
  • Is it worth the cost and risk to compete?

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