Modeling and Simulation

WBB's Modeling and Simulation solution provides our clients with readily adaptable analysis tools that provide the insights necessary for managers and stakeholders to make the defensible acquisition decisions necessary to support mission goals.

Within organizations, acquisition is fraught with seemingly unanswerable questions: will this product support mission goals? Are these decisions based on the most accurate data? At the end of this contract will our organization have what it needs to move forward? Our mission for modeling and simulation is to bring the power of simple computer models to task on your organization’s most challenging acquisitions and resolve any doubts about the products necessary to support your program’s mission.

Our modeling and simulation experts help our clients to accurately develop the requirements for new systems; define engineering or operational trade space; evaluate material or procedural alternatives; determine the optimum mixes of different types of alternatives; or find the best balance between cost and effectiveness. Over the past ten years, WBB has developed models and simulations to address a variety of problems:

  • Optimization of resource allocation challenges.
  • Effectiveness of individual systems in disparate situations.
  • Process emulation that defines the impact of particular conditions.

WBB experts are committed to helping our clients define and obtain the requirements necesssary to meet mission-critical goals. To ensure this, WBB modeling and simulation is designed to provide your organization with the timeliness, flexibility, and transparency it needs to make decisions based on the best available data.

WBB used the Extend® discrete event simulation system to evaluate the capability of 17 fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft to move cargo and personnel between a support base and ships at sea. The model we developed allowed the US Navy to compare the cost and effectiveness of individual aircrafts and combinations of airlift forces in a variety of different operational situations with varying requirements for delivery range, cargo weight, and parcel size. The results of the analysis allowed the Navy to start an acquisition program on the most cost-effective alternative.

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