Resource Management

To help our clients manage their staffing and resource decisions, WBB has developed and refined a process that allows our resource management experts to work closely with our clients to quickly capture relevant available data from multiple sources and leverage the power of our Intelligent Organizational Design and Resource Planning and Management solution to provide “data informed” senior-level decision making.

Current economic and budgetary conditions are forcing government agencies to make difficult staffing and resource decisions while leaders are expected to meet ambitious stakeholder performance objectives, take on new missions, or even transform their organization to meet new mission and policy demands. The confluence of these challenges and limitations can result in severe organizational risks including chronic inefficiency, performance degradation, and failure to meet customer and stakeholder expectations.

Over the last few years, WBB resource management experts have developed and refined a rigorous, repeatable, but highly configurable staffing analysis and decision support capability incorporated in our Intelligent Organizational Design and Resource Planning and Management (RPM) solution. Our solution provides an innovative process, enabling technology and “what-if” optimization capability that enables leaders to:

  • Assess organizational strategic priorities, gaps, and inefficiencies in work performance;
  • Determine gaps between current capacity and resourcing levels needed for success;
  • Identify opportunities to divest low value work and make investments in process, policy, structure, and technology to increase efficiency;
  • Map resources to work requirements to determine valid, defensible resource requirements,
  • Identify low-risk offsets to fully fund mission priorities;
  • And plan for change and perform “what-if ” optimal staffing excursions based on emerging or anticipated changes to the environment (mission, budget, political) and the resulting impact.

WBB’s solution integrates a web-based relational data model, survey capability, and decision support application (RPM Decision Support System or RDSS©) in a standardized best of class methodology. The RDSS aligns missions and strategic objectives to processes (work) and measures the contribution of current resources available to perform the work. The difference between the required capability and current output identifies a performance gap that allows decision makers to better understand how changes to organizational structure, work performance, resource mix (skills, labor type), and levels (e.g., staff, IT) impact the overall performance of their organization. RDSS provides efficient collection and quality assurance of critical data, as well as incorporating powerful web-based reporting and analytics, allowing leaders and stakeholders to make informed decisions and meet new objectives utilizing the limited resources at their disposal.

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