Financial Management

WBB understands the challenges faced by organizations looking to ensure fiscal health and compliance, and our Financial Management experts are here to help.

WBB financial management offers our clients a breadth of experience. We tailor an approach that clearly identifies our client’s financial management concerns and needs. The successful completion of a program’s objectives, and its goals for the future, require strong financial management capability. WBB helps you strengthen your organization’s fiscal health and processes by assessing your methods of managing costs. We ensure compliance with applicable guidance, identify gaps in financial management performance that need repair, show you how to make those repairs to increase efficiency, and save time and manpower. We help build improved financial management processes to provide a foundation for continued financial health.

Working closely with you, we confirm what guidance your organization needs, and the associated best practices, to assess your present financial management processes and determine key areas of concern in regards to compliance, including internal and external process connections. As we evaluate your organization, we keep you informed and ensure your direct involvement in the improvement efforts.

We ensure the continued fiscal health of your organization by developing simple manuals and directives to effectively drive the new processes without confusion.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) within a federal agency sought improved processes to ensure budget requests were justified and to prioritize future resource requirements. We developed a tailored program to assess the agency’s Department level guidance related to Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE); examine existing roles and responsibilities; document existing PPBE processes and weaknesses; and articulate gaps that could be repaired. Using that information, WBB designed several new PPBE processes that streamlined the agency’s financial management efforts and received high praise from the CFO and agency director.


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