Mission Performance

Our clients are continually seeking ways to support and optimize their mission goals and objectives. They look for new and innovative approaches that help migrate their agencies from inefficient and outdated traditional practices and transform them into higher performing organizations.

Driving change, however, is a complex endeavor that impacts the workforce and business practices, as well as the enabling infrastructure. Too often these initiatives are challenged because emphasis was placed solely on infrastructure such as implementing a new technology and not the other critical components such as improving business processes and addressing workforce readiness. Agencies must assess their day-to-day operations, as well as current and future investments to ensure that they not only align with and support objectives, but are also optimized for maximum performance and efficiency.

WBB’s Mission Performance solutions provide a holistic and systematic approach that incorporates leading business process improvement practices, as well as organizational change approaches to ensure our clients achieve their desired mission objectives. When coupled with our advanced analytics capabilities, our mission performance solutions provide our clients with real-time performance visibility, from planning to execution.

Below are a few summaries that describe how WBB helps clients achieve their mission objectives:

  • Institutionalize best practices as well as drive efficiencies by managing cost savings through consolidation and alignment of investments to mission goals.
  • Provide effective and efficient management and business practices that allows leadership to stay ahead and focused on the key initiatives.
  • Improve results in managing stakeholder expectations though a comprehensive, tiered communication training strategy and public affairs campaign.

WBB's offering of Mission Performance includes the following capabilities:



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