Business Process Improvement

WBB works closely with you to apply proven methods for business process improvement, linking these processes to the priorities within your organization to achieve breakthrough results.

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is an indispensable tool to improve activities across a value chain and throughout the full range of an organization’s internal functions, including technology development infrastructure, manpower management, and procurement. In a rapidly changing environment, critical operations and supporting value chain activities, require ongoing transformation and improvement to perform successfully. The difficulty for decision-makers is how to quickly determine where to cut time, dollars, or resources without sacrificing project quality or outcomes, or exposing organizations to major risk.

At WBB, we are uniquely positioned to help maximize your organization’s operational processes and productivity. Our team of BPI experts provides our clients with a breadth of knowledge and insight gained through years of experience in the Defense and Federal industries in  operational areas such as acquisition, requirements, logistics, information technology, manufacturing, industrial operations, and facilities management. This domain knowledge enables us to skillfully apply tailored BPI principles to your realworld situations in ways that are  transferable from one organization or operation to another, leveraging successes to create new opportunities.

Continuously working to improve processes is critical to your program’s success. WBB’s experts work to clearly relate actions and activities at each point in a process back to larger program strategies and objectives, establishing performance metrics that help organizations plan for the future. To this end, we help you to embed BPI processes, including Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, IDEF and Theory of Constraints, into each facet of your core functions. WBB provides BPI Deployment Planning, Project Selection, Project Execution, and Education and Training services tailored to your organization, goals, projects, and timelines.

WBB provided organization-wide process improvement training and consulting support to two major Navy organizations. This worldwide effort included conducting over 200 training courses and completing over 250 projects. Results of completed projects included direct cost savings, cost avoidance, and non-monetary savings such as improved mission capabilities and increased safety.

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