Decision Management

WBB specializes in helping organizations automate, optimize, and govern repeatable business decisions using an evidence-based approach to decision management, business rules, and advanced analytic technologies that provides our clients with improved, real-time decision yield.

By deploying business processes that better manage the tradeoffs between the precision, consistency, speed, and cost of decision-making within organizations, WBB helps clients improve the value of each decision they make. Our consultants have leveraged WBB’s 30+ years of acquisition program management, business analysis, data analytics, modeling and simulation, and decision management expertise to develop a decision management solution that employs an evidence-based decision making (EbDM) framework.

Backed by a powerful business discovery platform, WBB implements our EbDM framework using a lean startup approach beginning with three steps: framing the objective, gathering evidence, and integrating the data. Our experts then focus on transforming critical data into actionable knowledge that, combined with our business process improvement and advanced analytic offerings, provides our clients with the ability to automate frequent, repeatable decisions that efficiently control your business system.

In an effort to combat increasing business decision complexity and a reduction of resources, agencies are adopting decision management solutions looking to gain a higher return from previous infrastructure investments. WBB’s decision management solution allows for better outcomes for each decision your organization has to make. Using our Discovery Informatics solution, our analysts enable a new level of analysis, insight, and value to existing data. WBB works closely with our clients to align the data collection to the strategic value drivers, and collect the best available evidence to extract valuable knowledge and sharing analytics in a way that allows all users to act on those insights.

Examples of improvements to the decision process include:

  • Reward the sharing of information across functional stovepipes.
  • “What if…” simulations to accommodate changing conditions based on the volume, variety, and velocity of incoming data.
  • Use real-time analytics from a business discovery application in the course of briefings and working sessions to answer questions of the data.

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