Implementation Planning and Support

To ensure that end-users can interact with a project as you intended, WBB uses innovative Implementation Planning and Support principles to help you build a clear alignment between regulations, policies, business processes, and implementation objectives, while clearly outlining any project constraints.

We support clients with a dedicated team of experienced consultants who understand strategic planning and tactical action necessary to ensure project implementation success. Our implementation planning and support enables common understanding across an organization and critical stakeholders of the project goals. Our consultant workforce includes trained and experienced facilitators to lead clients and stakeholders through interactive workshops to identify and define a project’s critical path. We believe in the power of personal experience supported by state of the art technology tools to create dynamic, living, and executable implementation plans to increase organizational buy-in, reduce risk, and limit the expenditure of resources.

WBB believes in providing high quality integrated team support to our clients. To increase value and reduce risk to a client, we team consultants who already understand a client’s unique situation with on-staff analytic process and subject matter experts, and include client stakeholders throughout the implementation support process.

At the national level, WBB’s planning includes the development of strategy and the assignment of strategic tasks to the combatant commanders. At the theater level, our support includes the development of campaign plans to attain assigned objectives and the preparation of operation plans and operation orders to prosecute the campaign. At lower levels, our implementation planning prepares for the execution of assigned tasks or logistic missions.

We combine our proven experience of operations concept development (CONOPS); cost-benefit and operations analysis; human capital analysis; mission analysis; planning, programming and budgeting; knowledge management/Enterprise Content Management; and requirements documentation to support the development of an integrated implementation plan, also known as a Strategic Action and Investment Plan (SAIP). Our inhouse cadre of strategic level experienced consultants, all with extensive expertise across key strategic focus areas, have strong operational backgrounds, technical education, and experience and knowledge in additional disciplines to support the development of a plan and support its execution through milestone tracking.

WBB employs the tools necessary to facilitate decision support and technical analysis. The tools allow for webbased electronic brainstorming process in a structured and coordinated participation and collaboration environment to identify, validate, and capture the critical issues surrounding the specific project. Additionally, as an ISO 9001 certified organization, WBB can provide after action and process improvement assessments through web-based surveys or facilitated sessions.

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