Organizational Design

WBB’s Organizational Design is a guided process that aligns the mission of our clients to the purpose those clients seek to achieve by integrating the people, information, processes, and technology of an organization and improving their chance of success.

Our experience has shown that many government organizations lack integrated data, standard processes, internal objectivity, and defensible models required to adjudicate competing resource demands, understand trade space, define requirements, and optimize their use. WBB’s Organizational design is approached as an internal change under the guidance of our experts that helps an agency effectively realize its goals. Using collaborative tools, such as ThinkTank, WBB experts and clients work together to define the needs of the organization and use that data to tailor innovative systems to meet those needs most effectively.

Over the last six years, and through the course of more than thirty studies, WBB has identified four common, critical attributes possessed by successful organizations that allow them to economically achieve strategic alignment, innovation, and efficiency. These are:

  • Structured resources aligned to the organization’s strategy and priorities.
  • Predictive capacity to adapt to a rapidly changing and unpredictable environment.
  • Rapid intelligence allowing insight into a wealth of information available from multiple sources.
  • Enduring capability that allows for rapid diagnosis of organizational health.

WBB has refined a rigorous, repeatable, but highly configurable staffing analysis and decision support capability incorporated into our intelligent Organizational Design and Resource Planning and Management (RPM) solution. Adoption of a holistic, repeatable process enhanced by integrating technology and powerful business intelligence will have an immediate positive impact on your agency’s mission. Our experts leverage this process to help your organization assess strategic priorities, gaps, and inefficiencies, enabling “what-if ” optimization capability based on emerging or anticipated changes to the environment and the resulting impact. WBB’s analysis allows leaders to operationalize a fully resourced strategy, control costs, measure organizational performance, plan for change, and strategically govern an agile staff.

Recently WBB assisted, two large military commands considering consolidation needed to identify valid staff requirements, overlapping work, and potential efficiencies. WBB performed a strategic organizational optimization study resulting in minimized mission execution risk while producing an estimated savings of $10.5M in 2012 and expected cumulative savings of $100.8M by FY 2016 (source GAO-12-345).

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