Risk Mangement

WBB helps our clients build value by using an innovative Risk Management methodology. Our method maximizes the potential of each opportunity through proactively identifying and prioritizing risks, as well as developing, implementing, and monitoring the effectiveness of risk reduction strategies.

With each opportunity for growth or transformation, an organization opens itself up to the potential for risks that could be damaging to mission-critical programs. That’s why WBB takes every precaution to help our clients mitigate and eliminate risks before they begin. Our approach to risk management is a continuous process that helps our clients identify and address contract management and execution risk through planning and preparation as well as the alignment of our resources (people, processes and tools) with those of our clients.

WBB’s risk management methodology hinges on our commitment to clear, consistent communication supported by effective program management tools, including integrated master schedules; plans of action and milestones; and standardized peer and client review processes. To identify a client’s perception of key risks to their program or the management and execution of a support contract, WBB staff use collaboration tools, such as Microsoft SharePoint and ThinkTank, as well as live and virtual meetings to clearly and continuously communicate with stakeholders. In parallel, WBB employs our own analytical tools and processes to perform independent risk assessments, the output of which we share with our clients during contract transition or project planning phases.Our management is structured to facilitate clear lines of
internal communication:

  1. WBB’s PM confers with our clients’ leaders and Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) to orient our onsite staff and reach-back capabilities to specific functional requirements.
  2. The team coordinator consults with any other firms or subcontractors on our team to support unity of effort.
  3. Our governance committee (a senior-level working group chaired by WBB’s vice president of operations with the chief executive officer, PM, and senior representatives from each of our teams) manages the contract at a corporate level and resolves resource availability issues.
  4. WBB’s independent quality manager supports the suitability and effectiveness of our work, our deliverables, and other output.

WBB’s risk management strategy is designed to mitigate and resolve risks as soon as they are identified by creating a transparent environment, from the strategic to the tactical level, built on a comprehensive foundation of program management best practices and lessons learned that support contract transition, management, and execution.

Our risk management methodology is most effective when fully integrated with the program’s Systems Engineering, Program Management and Test and Evaluation processes.

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