Strategic Planning

In an environment defined by limited resources, WBB’s strategic planners help agencies diagnose their environment and develop a guiding policy enabling an organization to prioritize its needs to meet mission goals.

A clear strategy, vigorously executed, can propel organizations forward and help them overcome their most challenging goals. Because of limited time and resources, it is difficult to do everything that needs to be done to complete and sustain a mission. Strategic planning dictates that some organizational decisions and actions are more important than others. WBB helps clients make the tough decisions necessary to determine what is most important to achieving organizational success.

Capitalizing on the knowledge and skills of our experienced personnel, WBB helps our clients understand their external and internal environments, allowing agencies to set priorities; focus and allocate resources; ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals; and assess and adjust a mission’s direction in response to a rapidly changing environment. Based on our Evidence Based Decision Making (EbDM) method, WBB’s tailorable Strategic Management Framework allows our clients to:

  • Understand organizational purpose and values;
  • Formulate effective goals and strategies;
  • Develop controls and feedback to assist in strategic execution;
  • Evaluate, refine, sustain performance.

WBB’s strategic planning approach is founded on collaboration and communication, enabling greater organizational alignment towards mission goals, improving internal and external communication, and creating higher job satisfaction among employees. Throughout this process, WBB stays with you every step of the way always ready to make sure you succeed.

WBB worked closely with a major Navy organization for over five years, helping them develop and execute their strategic goals during a time of profound change. Our role included management workshops, customer/stakeholder analysis, internal and external surveys, workforce analysis and planning, as well as providing advisory services to senior leaders.

WBB assisted two major Navy organizations for over three years with the execution of their strategic plans through the identification, prioritization, and selection of projects linked to strategic goals. This work was worldwide and included gaining buy-in from local employees in locations like Italy, Spain, Crete, Bahrain, Guam, and Japan. We executed over 250 projects that either provided economic benefit or achieved outcomes that directly supported strategic goals.

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