Operational Capabilities Development

Operational capability development and management balances the sustainable use of current capabilities and the development of future and dynamic capabilities to meet the competing strategic and current operational objectives of an agency or business unit.

As part of WBB’s tailored suite of offerings, our effective capability development and management assists organizations to better understand and effectively integrate the total enterprise ability or capacity to achieve strategic and current operational objectives. WBB develops and provides solutions that focus on the management of the interlinking functions and activities in the enterprise’s strategic and current operational contexts.

Agencies consist of a portfolio or matrix of capabilities that are used in various combinations to achieve outcomes. Within that portfolio, a capability will be transient unless managed and maintained over time. Therefore, a typical capability lifecycle spans needs, requirements, acquisition, in-service and obsolescence/disposal phases.

While a highly developed management discipline within several national military organizations, the concepts, principles, and practices of capability management are readily adaptable and effective for wide-ranging application in the strategy and operations of many other enterprises.

We take pride in providing objective analysis to support client decision-making. Below is a small sample of the wide variety of operations analysis support we offer:

  • Analyses of Alternatives (AoA) and Alternatives Analyses (AA): Enables critical programs to move forward in the acquisition process.
  • Analysis Dashboards: Enables the client to more effectively manage the numerous organizations and resources supporting AoAs. Also, provides a framework for synthesizing the cost, effectiveness and risk-analysis results and enables the client to conduct dynamic sensitivity analysis of key input variables while briefing the results of the AoA.
  • Strategic Action Investment Plans (SAIP) and Roadmaps: Helps the clients understand how specific potential investments would impact various components of mission effectiveness, logistics support, and operating costs. The optimization models identify the specific investments to make within resource constraints to maximize overall benefit.

WBB's offering of Operational Capabilities Development includes the following capabilities:




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