Analysis of Alternatives

As a key means of helping our clients satisfy acquisition requirements, WBB builds your Analysis of Alternatives comprehensively, from a solid foundation of data collection and analysis.

The Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) is a cornerstone of acquisition policy required before any major investment decision or milestone. WBB understands that with shifts in the strategic mission of a program, emerging technologies, reduction in budgets, and new or enhanced business requirements, decision makers require a clear analysis to make an informed decision among each viable candidate.

With our client’s specific needs in mind, WBB has successfully developed and delivered consistently rigorous AoAs for major strategic and tactical systems across DoD and DHS.

WBB experts’ proven experience in the process provides our clients a clear understanding of operational effectiveness, associated risk, sensitivity, cost-benefit analyses, and life cycle cost development. We help each client form a basis of evidence that empowers them to fund the best possible projects, while mitigating their risk and uncertainty.

WBB develops cost models to analyze and evaluate operating, life cycle, and manpower costs, as well as technological maturity, support, and schedule risk. We focus their effort by developing reasonable assumptions that remove extraneous factors and focus on a finite number of important subjects.

At the conclusion of our AoA, we help each client develop the rationale for their decisions based on three major criteria: 

  • Programmatic – The alternative will meet the schedule required for achieving initial operational capability and will not exceed cost targets.
  • Effectiveness – The alternative meets the basic requirements defined in the initial capability document.
  • Supportability – The alternative is supportable by the current logistics infrastructure.

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