Capability-Based Assessment

WBB’s Capabilities Based Assessment is a streamlined, collaborative, and competitive process that results in a deliverable you can use to identify your needed capabilities and the associated gaps that can be transformed into comprehensive requirements.

All too often, officers, government civilians, or contractors who don’t have expertise in the Joint Capabilities Integration Development System (JCIDS) are tasked with creating or facilitating a Capabilities-Based Assessment (CBA). WBB has extensive JCIDS and CBA expertise.

WBB has the seasoned and credentialed experts in each critical aspect of the CBA study process. Our analysts possess the appropriate tools and techniques to design a logical and coherent study, while navigating through the bureaucratic process to facilitate collaboration across
competing interests, keeping the team on schedule. We ensure that our CBA will satisfy the tasking and provide appropriate linkages to strategy, supporting any resulting Analysis of Alternatives.

By placing our emphasis on delivering capabilities to address a wide range of future threats, WBB helps our clients to address a present need in an uncertain future. Priorities are viewed in the context of a wide range of scenarios representing possible futures, threats, and technology projections packaged with proven operational concepts. WBB examines each capability within the context of both our projected scenarios and the stated objectives to protect you against uncertainty.

WBB provides clients with a CBA process based on a thorough understanding of their agencies’ requirements, and mechanisms for capability development. We analyze resources, such as organizational task lists, concepts of operation, and linkages to appropriate strategic documents. We work with our clients and use source documents to identify current and programmed systems designed to meet required capabilities. WBB develops analysis plans that clearly identify the purpose of the analysis, background, goals, methodology, tools, schedule,
and examples of deliverables.

At the conclusion of the CBA, WBB provides our clients with all findings in the appropriate briefings and documents. This results in a fully-integrated deliverable you can use to identify your needed capabilities and the associated gaps that can be transformed into comprehensive requirements.

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