Requirements Management

To ensure your end product or service meets the expectations of your stakeholders, WBB experts use Requirements Management to identify, document, analyze, trace, and agree on requirements, and the changes that may occur, mitigating our client’s risk for each potential course of action.

Often, a project without clearly defined and documented requirements will fail, or never get off the ground.

WBB experts use Requirements Management to help our clients thoroughly comprehend their organizational needs by determining the most cost-effective path, while identifying the risk and impact to your organization. We analyze your functional needs in coordination with a concept of operations, and interpret that analysis to define your users’ needs. We mathematically prioritize requirements, translate the results into documentation, and develop time-sequenced roadmaps or portfolios for specific requirements and solutions. To maximize the impact of limited resources, our operations research team keeps track of your cost inputs to derive cost-benefit solutions.

WBB analysts are Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) experts. They save time and reduce costs by meeting your actual needs the first time. Our experts developed the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) Capabilities Development Document (CDD) that  obtained a “Paper Joint Requirements Oversight Council Decision,” saving an enormous amount of time normally spent on unnecessary briefings and staff reviews.

WBB helps organizations become more efficient by quickly getting the right solutions to the decision-makers who can implement them sooner. We developed the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Capabilities Production Document (CPD) in a record 45 days, and this process can be tailored to your specific needs including: Equipment, Hardware, Software, and Non- Material Solutions such as organizational change, policy revision, training and educational improvement, and facility modification.

WBB’s Requirements Management products provide effective and timely solutions to dynamic problems while providing clear choices to decision makers.

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