Test and Evaluation

Test and Evaluation is an integral part of WBB’s Systems Engineering Process, providing data that supports trade-off analysis, risk reduction, and requirements refinement while assisting development in correcting deficiencies.

Will it fulfill the mission?

WBB helps examine this paramount question through our test and evaluation (T&E) process. This process provides data that tell our clients how well their system is performing during development and if it is ready for fielding. Our program managers help you balance your cost, schedule, and performance to keep the program on track to production and fielding, while helping assess risk tradeoffs.

Our T&E is integrated throughout the defense acquisition process and our full life cycle acquisition support. We structure it to provide essential information to decision makers, assess attainment of technical performance parameters, and determine whether systems are operationally effective, suitable, and safe. The quality and standards of WBB’s test and evaluation, integrated with our modeling and simulation, assess technology maturity and interoperability, facilitate integration into fielded forces, and confirm performance against your documented needs.

Correcting defects and costly modification efforts in weapons has been estimated to add up to 30 percent to the final cost. WBB experts can reduce these costs by detecting and fixing system deficiencies early in the acquisition process through our carefully planned and executed T&E program.

WBB provides our clients with the ability to make evidence-based decisions and help determine the weight and importance that should be attributed to a system’s capabilities, along with its associated acceptable degree of risk. WBB’s T&E experts help our clients:

  • Manage risk by exposing areas of vulnerability.
  • Structure test plans around the attainment of increasing levels of product maturity.
  • Orchestrate the right mix of tools to validate these maturity levels.
  • Build and resource acquisition strategies around this approach.
  • Demonstrate a specified level of product maturity before major programmatic approvals.

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